Golf Practice Facility

Golf Practice Facility

Golf Practice Facility with Driving Range Rates, Costa Mesa Orange County

In addition to our 36 holes public golf course and driving range, the Costa Mesa Country Club offers a complete golf practice facility with night golf range, putting greens and the free to use chipping green that's open to the public. The golf practice facility has over 100 acres of grass for the public to practice on. They are striving to be the best driving range in Orange County. The facility is conveniently close to the freeway and approximately 3 miles from the ocean.

The parking at the country club is excellent with great accessibility for all. The practice center benefits from the ocean breeze during those hot summers days. There are refreshments on the range like water, soda, Etc. The snack bar, restaurant, bar, and restrooms are located within 50 yards of the practice facility. Whether you are practicing your swing, or being taught the game from one of our golf professionals, you will find no better value for practicing in Orange County.

Practice Range Card Prices:

The best deal Costa Mesa for hitting range balls would be the special Driving Range Card. The price is $45 and you will get to hit your first large grass free. That's a total savings of $13!

Individual Bucket Prices:

Costa Mesa Country Club is determined to provide a value to their dedicated golfers in the Costa Mesa community. We have competitive prices and are driven to have the facility be the place for you to return for years to come. Our individual bucket prices are as follows:

Golf Practice Range Mats and Grass Prices


Large approx. 115 balls $14.00

Medium approx. 75 balls $12.00

Small approx. 45 balls $8.00


Large approx. 115 balls $11.00

Medium approx. 75 balls $9.00

Small approx. 45 balls $6.00

What Are Golfers Are Saying About The Golf Facility!

"It's golf instructors makes the practice facility. The Costa Mesa Country Club has the closest golf driving range near me, allowing me to get away after work and utilize the night golf driving range. I have been practicing there for the last 14 years. I couldn't imagine working on my game anywhere else."
Olmar Deas

Golf Practices Range

The driving range at the country club is open at first light except on Tuesdays it opens at 8am for maintenance of the driving range. The driving range is open at night except on Sunday it closes at dusk. The night driving range closing times vary during the year. It is best to call the golf shop to see how late the lights will be turned off.

The golf range has eight green target's to hit towards during your practice session. This will provide every simulation possible for you to prepare for your next round of golf. The targets on the driving range are measured with signs providing you distances to fine-tune those shots you're working on. There are 30 mats locations to choose from and 15 grass stations at the club. There are 10 private lesson stations at the back of the driving range for our golf instructors. We believe we are one of the premier practice facilities in orange county for the public golfer to use. The driving range mats and tees are replaced yearly and rotated and pressure washed monthly. We do this to keep the condition of the mats in as good condition as possible. The grass stations are rotated daily allowing the maintenances crew, to seed and sand the them. This allows the grass to grow quickly enough to keep up hitting stations quality standards. There approximately 15,000 range balls in inventory to ensure that golfers that practice on the range will not run out of golf balls. The driving range ball brands very between Nike, Pinnacle and Strata. The management regularly rotates new driving range balls into circulation once the grade of the ball starts wearing out. The driving range here on our practices facility are lighted by 24 lights bulbs that are 1000 watts. The light bulbs are strong enough to follow your golf shots to your target. This is perfect for those die hards that work all day and want to get out to practice in the evening.

The staff at the country club will provide one of the superior practice facility's in Orange County. The staff would want to remind the golfers that it's difficult to focus when there's loud conversation or phone calls on the driving range. Refraining from this kind of activity would be greatly appreciated.

Club Fitting on the Driving Range

Costa Mesa offers many regular scheduled demo days and club fitting from top manufactures Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made, and many more in the business. The is technology changing the golfing industry. It's is more imperative that you have yourself fitted on a driving range were you able to see the performance. This being said we schedule regular club fitting and post to social media sites their availability. The country club is striving to be the place for all your golfing needs. Starting with the fantastic 36 hole golf course with a great practice facility located in Orange County we look forward in seeing you at our facility too.

Putting Greens

There are two putting greens at the practice facility. They are approximately 1,500 square feet each with 10 cups on each green to putt towards. This will allow enough room to work on your putting and work towards eliminate those 3 putts all together. Each morning the maintenance crew at Costa Mesa country club replaces the cups and cuts the greens to make sure that the practice putting green matches the speed of the golf course.

Chipping Green

The chipping green at Costa Mesa Country Club is one of the few in orange county that don't charge. The chipping green it is approximately 1,500 square feet with 10 targets allowing you to chip from 15 yards and in. This chipping green is one of the most challenging greens in Orange County with a lot of different types of shots available to practice. The chipping green maintenance is done at the same time in the morning as the putting greens. The maintenance crew mows the greens and replaces the cups daily, keeping the chipping green one of the best in Orange County.

Golf Instruction on the Driving Range

The golf instruction at the club is best around. Players that were once kids are now playing junior tournaments, college, professional golf and are rounding out to be great people. The golf instructors take great pride with each student, teaching every aspect of the game from beginners to advanced. If you're advanced or a novice we will find you instructors that will take you to the next level.

The golf instruction at Costa Mesa country club will be by a Costa Mesa staff professional member ONLY. No outside teachers are allowed without approval of the golf course. We recommend reviewing the bios and choosing one of orange county best golf instructors to fit your needs.