Costa Mesa Slow Play Etiquette

The major message is to keep up with the group ahead of you within a shot. If you start to fall behind pick up the pace and catch up. The basic rule of thumb is to play Ready Golf. Be ready to play when it is your turn. The slowest group dictates the pace of play for every group behind them.

Here are some suggestions to help fight slow play:

  • Select the proper tees to play from. If you are a high handicap play it forward.
  • When there are two riders, drop off the player after club selection and drive to your ball then go pick them up and after the first player hits start walking towards drivers ball.
  • Spend the time to think about your next shot, yardage and club selection therefore there will be less time spent in general.
  • When reaching the green start lining up your putt. It takes less time than waiting your turn to start reading the green. When it is your turn be ready and use the continuous putting rule when possible.
  • Always be ready to hit your next shot when it is your time to play.
  • Write your scores down after leaving the putting green rather than takeing extra time on the green

In general rounds should take 4 hours. There is no need for super long rounds if everyone is aware of their position on the course and plays expediently.

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