Orange County Women’s Club Memberships

The Costa Mesa Country Club is home to two women’s golf clubs. The clubs provide members with camaraderie, frequent play opportunities and a whole range of other benefits.

Members enjoy the following:

  • Weekly tee times and sweeps
  • Officially maintained IDC handicap index
  • Two annual club championships—one stroke play and one match play
  • Frequent team events and partners’ competitions
  • WPLGA Membership with eligibility for team competition, regional play and tournaments
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Opportunities to improve skills
  • Recognition of golf-related accomplishments
  • Friendship and camaraderie

Do you have questions about becoming a member? Contact Susan Suh for Friday’s women’s club at 515-491-8384 or call Robin Jones for Monday’s women’s club at 714-895-1933.

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