Mary Beth Arnold

Mary Beth Arnold

Mary Beth Arnold is a Class A PGA Professional. Mary Beth started her golf career here at Costa Mesa G.C. (and this is also where she met her husband, Tom). In 1993, after playing professionally, started her PGA Apprenticeship at Mile Square Golf Course under Steve Seals until 1996. Mary Beth was elected to PGA Membership in May of 1997 while working at Mesa Verde C.C. under Tom Sargent. After living in Santa Barbara for a year, moved back home to Orange County where she is happy to be back at Costa Mesa G.C. teaching full time.

Private Instruction

Mary Beth is available for instruction Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 12 PM. Flexibility: Monday and Wednesday

To set up a lesson, call or text to 714-585-1631 or email me at

Golf Lesson FAQs:

The following information applies to women, men, juniors and beginners:

What do you charge?

Lesson rates vary, from private to semi private to group & Juniors. Group lessons are a good way to start if you're a beginner, but it's ultimately up to you and how much individual attention you may want/require.

What's your availability?

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 12 PM. Flexibility: Monday and Wednesday

Do I need to buy clubs?

Not necessarily, if you don't have equipment we have equipment for you to borrow/rent until you know for sure you like the game and want to purchase your own.

Should I buy golf shoes?

Golf shoes are not necessary.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing is great. We don't have a really strict dress code, but we don't allow tank tops & really short shorts.

Do you offer group lessons?

Yes, if you have a group of people you can set that up and there are rates for that depending on how many.


What do you charge?

Rates vary, from private to semi private to group & Juniors.

What's your availability?

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 12 PM. Flexibility: Monday and Wednesday

Are you going to change my whole swing?

Any change made to ones golf swing, no matter how small, feels like a big change, and can take some getting used to. This is why one seeks a lesson in the first place, if you don't feel anything different nothing will change. But no, the objective of a lesson, unless you specify, is not to "change your whole swing", although the change we make might feel like it until it becomes more familiar with practice.

How much should I practice?

Practice can take various forms, it's not always about going out to the driving range to pound balls. Depending on what you happen to be working on, you can practice very effectively at home. But doing something to be fit your golf game every day is a good idea, this includes something as simple as stretching it going to your yoga class, or the gym!

Why does every club go the same distance?

It's deceiving when one is practicing on the driving range, it's hard to see where the ball lands AND where it ends up. The variance, especially from iron to iron, can be only about 5- 7 yards, so when one is hitting balls on the driving range it often looks as if they're going the same distance, when in reality it can be the difference between a front pin & a middle pin once you're on the golf course. There's more, but that's my "short" answer!

How do I get more distance?

I can tell you that more distance doesn't come from swinging the club farther back and twisting into your backswing like a pretzel... Don't hurt yourself!

How can I be more consistent?

There's always going to be variances in your golf shots and in your game, it's just a matter of how good your misses are. I want you to be able to "miss it better". That, in my opinion, is being more consistent.

What My Students are saying!

"When I first started taking golf lessons from Mary Beth Arnold two years ago, I was brand new to the sport. I started with a group of girlfriends taking a series of semi-private lessons. I was hooked after that first lesson and I wanted to spend as much time as I possibly could learning from her. (It also helped that MB & I have been best friends for over 10 years and I was able to bug her with any golf technique or etiquette questions at almost any time.) I quickly graduated to playing the course with her where she taught me what I believe are the most important things. She taught me that it doesn't matter how great a player you are, it's about being a courteous player, keeping up with the pace of play, to have fun so people would want to play with you again and for Pete's sake not to ever walk backwards for your equipment, it's not efficient! She has spent endless hours working with me and never gets frustrated with me when I just can't get what we're trying to fix at that moment, as she well knows and explains, changes take time, some more than others. Instead we just laugh and keep at it. If you're looking to learn while having fun she's your gal, she loves to help people improve so they can enjoy the game!"
Val Murchison, Huntington Beach
"There are few things more satisfying than a ball well struck (at my age anyway) and few more dispiriting (and I'm ONLY talking about my GOLF game) than a topped, chunked, whiffed, or otherwise mangled miss. Notice the ratio of negative to positive...I do. My lessons with Mary Beth were the perfect counter; positive, encouraging instructions aimed at RIGHTING my wrongs. I found my game ( and mental well-being) noticeably improved. And the most satisfying part...hearing the guys I regularly play with exclaim, "who is this guy?""
"And regarding the course; kudos on improving the sand in the bunkers, a furrowed brow on the emergence of Heinz grass (apparently 57 varieties) on the putting greens, well done on holding the bottom line on weekday senior, resident fees (we retirees appreciate it), and a big shout out to the entire CMCC staff for all they do, even as a bunch of old farts complain about...well you've likely heard it all (or will soon!)"
"I started lessons with Mary Beth a short time ago. I am 58 years old and had not played a round of golf, hit a ball, nor had a thought to take up golf in the past. My husband recommended golf to me so we would have more to do together as we age. So in other words, Mary Beth had her hands full with me. She has the upmost of patience, humor, and the ability to articulate in a way that I can relate. I recommend her for beginners and have observed her teaching an advanced student. She is a great communicator and has inspired me to continue my education and develop my skill."
Barbara White
"I have taken golf lessons from Mary Beth Arnold at Costa Mesa Country Club off and on for the last 10 years. Mary Beth is fun, caring and a very professional instructor. When I tell Mary Beth what I am having trouble with, she watches me for a few shots and she picks out what I need to do. Twice in the last 2 years I have tried other instructors closer to my home. It was a waste of money because there was no change after the lessons. It may not stay with me, but I always see improvement after a lesson with Mary Beth."
Donna Kupfer
"I am a "senior" student and I first came to Mary Beth knowing nothing about golf (other than to spell golf). She was very patient with me and has worked on developing the capabilities and potential I have and has given me a ton of confidence. I now enjoy playing here at Costa Mesa and at several different courses and feel very confident knowing I am playing a decent game and understand course etiquette. Mary Beth is an outstanding golf instructor!"
Working with Mary Beth was a joy. The lessons are fun and the information she gives is useful right away."
"I took group lessons from Mary Beth. She has an ability to explain and demonstrate proper form and various techniques. I’ve seen her work with all level of players, or player wannabes, and analyze problem areas and explain and demonstrate the issue(s) so that the individual understands the corrective action(s) needed, AND can demonstrate that they get it. Each player has a different way of understanding and learning and Mary Beth somehow understands how to teach to that specific individual.I would highly recommend taking group or individual lessons from Mary Beth and intend to do the same."
Nancy Carroll
"Mary Beth has coached our entire family for ten years, with my wife and I taking-up the game as adults and our daughters starting to casually “swing the sticks” at about age seven. Mary Beth takes the time to know each of us personally, tailoring her coaching to us individually, so as to fit our stage in life and goals for the game. At this time, she primarily coaches our daughters, now aged 13 and 15, both of whom began playing competitively at age 11. She relates to them very well and is always able to immediately identify and rectify any problems they are experiencing with their game, including the mental (as well as physical) “problems” that plague all golfers. For those of you considering lessons for your children, two added bonuses: (1) Mary Beth has excellent character and will be a good influence on your kids and (2) because she and her entire family all played sports at a high-level, she is an excellent resource / counselor in helping to navigate the twists and turns of competitive youth sports. We highly recommend Mary Beth - she is an excellent coach, with the ability to teach players of all ages and abilities."
Mary Beth Arnold